Select the apartment unit that meets your expectations and make an appointment with one of our sales representatives. You can either email or phone us, or complete the form for choosing a specific unit.

Our sales representatives will answer all your questions and provide you with a detailed overview of the project, your specific unit, the standard fixtures and the contract terms and conditions.

A non-binding reservation of a unit can be booked at the end of the meeting to be confirmed within 5 days.

If you confirm your intention to purchase an apartment, our sales representative will draft a contract, following the procedure below, and agree with you on a date for entering into it.

A reservation agreement books you a unit for which you will enter later into a preliminary contract of sale. The reservation fee of € 6,000, incl. VAT, is payable within 5 days of signing the reservation agreement.

Depending on your chosen method of financing, the sales representative will draft a preliminary contract of sale with a standard installment plan. The contract also includes the draft wording of the final contract of sale, describes the building and standard fixtures in the unit, the unit’s floor plan and the layout plan for locating the basement storage unit and parking spaces.

  • a down payment will be made of 20% of the price for the unit and parking space(s), inclusive of VAT, less the reservation fee after entering into the preliminary contract of sale
  • the balance of 80%, inclusive of VAT, will be payable upon the final inspection and approval of the unit and after signing the final contract of sale

If you wish to finance your purchase, we offer professional assistance to arrange a mortgage under favorable terms.


Final Contract of Sale – the draft final contract of sale will be ready well enough in advance and correspond to your chosen method of payment. The final contract of sale will be signed on a pre-scheduled date at our head offices. The final contract of sale will be filed along with the title transfer form in the Land Register.

You will then take possession of your new apartment at a pre-arranged time. When you are going to accept the unit, once again carefully inspect the quality of all work performed. There will be an acceptance record for you to sign and any potential minor defects or unfinished work identified during handover will be recorded therein, along with the deadline for them to be remedied.

Should you find any defects after you have accepted the unit and during the warranty period, we will naturally remedy them for you.